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at studio 18 b.jpg
Foto by Alicia Rodriguez

Most of the time I have no idea of what I will be painting …
I enjoy to be surprised while in the process of creation, just like the observer likes to be surprised with the final piece. I like to observe the invisible forms emerging from the white surface or from the spontaneous organic grid and the layers of rolled paint. Occasionally I come up with a very simple theme or motive, drawing a basic structure over the canvas or paper, like a mountain line or a human like head structure, a tree, then, I improvise, the jazz decoding process begins.
The tools I commonly use are crow quill pens, airbrushes and computers which I rarely mix together.
When working with pen and ink I search for multi dimensions, imaginary layers of crosshatched lines
forming blocks, volumes and atmospheres in a ludic display of densities; writing also works as a textural element. What I write might or might not relate to the image, lines from a song, playing with words, a reflection.
When I am working with airbrushes, volume and texture take predominance before the multidimensional planes. The organic forms suggest a reencounter with ancient times to come, a flashback or a flashforward vision.
There is some fractal diving and also the “traditional” drawing and painting when working with computers. The fractal art is a mathematical random thing at the starting point, exploring with algorithms, iterations, colors, etc., from here I can manipulate by adding elements, graphic variations, distortions and more in combination with different software. There is certain control in this chaotic harmony of surprises. With the drawing and painting software, is like the whole traditional studio is there, in a small rectangle minus the turpentine perfume and the black tea is an active presence. Is a work in progress…
What moves me to express myself is the eternal confrontation of what is happening in and out and the
need to bring to life a vision murmured from another plane of existence, a parallel universe or a reaction towards injustice.
Like everyone else, I have my inspiring subjects and guides represented in all facets of life, themes like
archeology, ancient history, the occult and mysticism, animal rights, the other dimensions, science fiction. Inspiring people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Peter Brueghel the elder, René Magritte, the airbrush technique of H.R. Giger, the drawings of Rembrandt and Brad Holland. The music of Zappa, Garbarek, King Crimson and Radiohead, the writings of Borges, Nietzsche and Poe, venezuelan artists like Edgar Sanchez and Alirio Palacios, great minds and souls like Krishnamurti and Mahatma Ghandi, the native american culture and of course, the platonic muses flying around the hidden and prohibited desires.
I was born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. I was 13 years old when my mother took me religiously to art
classes every Saturday morning, there I was introduced to charcoal drawing and oil painting by a
renowned venezuelan artist, Juan Vicente Fabbiani, with whom I learned the basics and the importance of observation. Many years later, after being frustrated with math and Marx at the university, I found out about a place where I could use my once upon a time drawing skills and fertile imagination. Instituto de diseño Fundación Neumann was a new world, as a rich starting point and later the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Back from the USA I worked as a freelance graphic designer/ illustrator, teaching at design schools in Caracas and at the same time, I was preparing my first individual art shows. Now, living in South Florida I continue exploring with the seriousness of a child the realms of the aesthetics of chance, where most of the time I have no idea of what I will be painting.


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