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at studio 18 b.jpg
Foto by Alicia Rodriguez

Artist Statement

In my art series, "Abstracterrestials," I explore the boundaries of abstract surrealism through
spontaneous explorations that gradually evolve into panoramic impressions of a specific section within
a timeless Bio-punk setting.
My work is deeply influenced by Jorge Luis Borges' "The Aleph," which presents a space that contains
all other spaces simultaneously. This concept, along with my interest in ancient cultures, the
paranormal, and science fiction films, shapes the themes of my art.
I primarily work with airbrushed acrylics or pen and ink on canvas or paper, utilizing a palette
dominated by earth tones, volumetric shapes,and an organic style of "calligraphy" creating this way
multilayered transparencies. These elements guide me to reveal hidden layers and worlds within our
own, encouraging viewers to look beyond the comfort of everyday boundaries.


Carlos is a Venezuelan-American artist, currently based in South Florida, whose early encounters with
the realism of the old masters and the boundless creativity of surrealists like Max Ernst and H.R. Giger,
shaped his artistic path. Initially enrolling in anthropology, he soon pivoted to pursue graphic design
and illustration, receiving a scholarship to study in Pittsburgh, PA, after training in Caracas.
His career in Venezuela encompassed roles as a freelance artist and educator, where he also contributed
to various art exhibitions, earning accolades from critics and media alike. The socio-political turmoil in
Venezuela prompted his return to the U.S., where he continues to exhibit his work in both group and
solo shows. Welcomed as a resident artist at the Lauderhill Center for the Arts and now at The Studio18
Complex in Pembroke Pines, Carlos remains a vibrant part of the local art community, constantly
exploring the intersections of reality and imaginative realms in his art.

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