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at studio 18 b.jpg
Foto by Alicia Rodriguez

Artist Statement

The “Abstracterrestials”, a name Solorzano invented for his recent abstract surreal paintings are improvised explorations in its initial stage; evolving towards a panoramic impression of a non measurable object or entity's particular section from posterity memoirs or perhaps archaic tomorrows.

“The Aleph”, a short story by Jorge Luis Borges, made a profound impact on him, opening questions to other possible realities. Solorzano absorbed from ancient cultures vestiges, paranormal experiences, science fiction, as well from artists like H.R. Giger and Max Ernst.

His acrylic airbrushed canvases have a predominance of earth colors, volumetric forms combined with an organic “calligraphy” and multilayered transparencies that helps him document his surreal automatisms. His work remind us that there are worlds within this world, and to look inward, away from our everyday comfortable confinement.




Carlos Solorzano’s acrylic airbrushed paintings are abstract blending of ancient cultures, esotericism and science fiction. A Venezuelan-american artist residing in South Florida who at an early age was amazed by the old masters realism and by the imagination of the surrealists, like Ernst and Magritte, and later by H.R.Giger.
After a frustrated start at anthropology school he studied graphic design and illustration in Caracas and later in Pittsburgh, Pa. with a scholarship from the Venezuelan government. Worked as a freelancer and teacher while in Venezuela, and at the same time, painting for group and individual art shows, having favorable commentaries from critics and the press. He decided to return to USA due to Venezuela’s unstable social political climate.

The following years were a tight rope between working retail and art. Participating in collective and solo shows, until The Lauderhill Center for the Arts welcomed him as a resident artist and later and at the present time, The Studio18 Complex in Pembroke Pines.

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